Mike Brown PSYOP Revealed

No one is going to believe me when I say this, but this #MikeBrown thing is looking like a #Psyop designed to get a bill passed hiding the names of those who murder the people. To argue that it could not possibly be is to say that blacks cannot act like whites can, or that they are too stupid or noble or something. DON'T BE RACIST.

IF this is the case here is how it will play out...

1. Name is not released, CIA front group Anonymous leaks it (this is all scripted BS btw)

2. Murderer is then himself killed, again it's all fake but news media will make you believe it.

3. Legislation introduced and passed banning releasing names of government employees who murderer people.

This is NEEDED by the controllers in order to drop a psychological barrier that exists in the minds of their dogs "If I kill him I might get into trouble". IF this is a psyop and it does play out this way, THEY WILL SLAUGHTER THE PEOPLE LIKE DOGS IN THE STREET.

The next step will be that you will never even be told WHY someone was murdered. After that people will be killed and the families will stop asking why and the next step is they will start pretending it is not happening as if their daughter was not murdered by the government she just went off to college.

I have seen this psychology play out in peoples minds and you would be shocked at how quickly it can occur. People go somewhere to protest government, 25 of them are surrounded BY THE SAME GOVERNMENT that closes in on them smashing them like sardines. While they initially protest, inside a single minute they all stop and begin talking among themselves or playing with their phones. THAT is the psychology that will cause a people to pretend that they are not being slaughtered once the government stops answering questions and that is where things are going.

Harry Link