Friday, July 31, 2020

Rigged Rims And Balls

The NBA is back! There's is definitely some truth to this video. Something is going on with the basketballs in the NBA. Pushing aside the bullshit in this video about blood sacrifices, the footage of these balls getting stuck right above the rims, balls being shot almost half court and going in regularly and balls that magically go in the hoop despite taking bounces off the rim that indicate it has no chance of going in . Something is up.

The NBA games are being manipulated with the rigged rims and balls. You heard about last year with Major League Baseball being accused of juicing it's balls. There are videos on YouTube showing you how the NFL might have some rigged set up for the goal posts for field goals so kickers might make or miss. The rigging going on in professional sports isn't just referees and players, the equipment is also being taken over to rig games. Another example of rigged equipment is professional cycling where videos show how the bike is doped with a motor or motor doping. It's getting faker everywhere.

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