The Lost Nuke

Sean Smyrichinsky recently spent several hours diving for sea cucumbers off Pitt Island, near Haida Gwaii. He didn’t find any. But he decided to hop on his underwater scooter for one last look before calling it a day.

Flying around underwater, he spotted something unusual on the ocean floor.

“I found this big thing underwater, huge, never seen anything like it before,” Smyrichinsky related from Cortes Island.

“I came up telling all my buddies on the boat ‘Hey, I found a UFO. It’s really bizarre.’ And I drew a picture of it, because I didn’t have a camera.”

A couple of days later he ran into some fishermen and told them about his discovery.

“Nobody had ever seen it before or heard of it, (because) nobody ever dives there,” he said. “Then some old-timer said ‘Oh, you might have found that bomb.’”

“That bomb” was a nuclear device that was dumped or exploded off the B.C. coast on Feb. 13, 1950, when an American B-36 bomber crashed while en route from Alaska to Texas. It was packed with lead — not plutonium — and TNT.

Diver may have found lost nuclear weapon that was packed with lead when it was dumped off B.C. in 1950 | National Post
I couldn't stop laughing at how absurd this story was. A lost nuke? Another lucky story about nuclear weapons that gets planted in the news and helps reinforce the nuclear bomb myth.