Bombing In Iraq Looks Ridiculously Staged

How can people look at footage like this from and not think staged. I'm talking about the average person that isn't aware of fakery. This is so laughable. Why would people run towards an explosion? Why would people all of the sudden just fall over, especially in the horrible acting way that these people do? Because they're actors, that's why.

Weird, how people coming running in after a bomb is planted, and go and lay down in their pre-determined spots..

Crisis Actors appear to be employed all over the world, not just the piece of trash sellouts here in the US pulling Sandy Hook and Boston's on us..

Very interesting video, show the methods used to stage fake carnage.. Clearly a staged bombing (at least the supposed carnage).. How many of these are happening every day, and who is funding this? I have a feeling it's the American taxpayer.

The Paulstal Service