Tom Hanks Is The Go-To Actor For Portraying Fake Events As Real

Tom Hanks has a history of being in movies that are about fake/staged events that portrays them as real. Tom's most recent movie that he has coming out is called Sully which is about Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger who famously/allegedly made an emergency crash landing of a commercial airliner on the Hudson River. See US Airways Flight 1549.
Also isn't it interesting how this movie is coming out right before the 15th anniversary of 9/11? Basically the weekend of the anniversary on Friday September 9th. Coincidence?  A movie about a plane "crash" landing in "New York City" coming out 2 days before the 9/11 anniversary, LOL! Come on.

There are videos on YouTube and you can find websites showing how this alleged plane crash landing is very suspect and looks 100% staged and fake. Somehow Hollywood got Tom Hanks to play the leading role in this movie. Why? Because Tom is used to playing leading roles in movies that sell people a story about a fake event like this one.

Take a look at another film Tom Hanks was in that sold the myth of AIDS. Tom Hanks played the role of Andrew Beckett a gay attorney in Philadelphia who gets AIDS. The movie shows how Beckett gets fired for having AIDS by the big law firm he works at and then he sues them, but dies of AIDS during the lawsuit.
This movie is allegedly based on a true story. From what I've come across on AIDS, I have no doubt it is completely made up and fictionalized to instill fear into people. Just like Ebola is there to scare, AIDS was invented to make people afraid of getting a disease/virus and dying. Also it probably benefited the condom industry like no other marketing ploy.

I doubt the whole story of Andrew Beckett existing as Tom Hanks portrayed him or if he existed at all. To me this movie just sold the fake disease of AIDS and Homosexuality as norms for society. Just so happened Tom Hanks portraying a gay man with AIDS got him an Academy Award for best actor. I wouldn't be surprised if Academy Awards are given to those who do the best to sell lies in movies. A thank you to Tom Hanks, LOL!

After this role Tom then went on to do the movie Apollo 13, the failed Apollo moon mission. Another movie propagating the NASA moon landing/NASA going into outer space myth. Tom Hanks once again is in the leading role in this one. He plays astronaut Jim Lovell. This movie is famous for the line Houston, we have a problem. Just more bullshit to help sell this fake event.

I guess NASA thought we need to show we fail too sometimes, so they staged a fake failed moon mission. Meanwhile it probably had the same effect as the Cuban Missile Crisis where the American people were on pins and needles anxious to find out if the Astronauts were going to die or not. Another Psyop to get people hooked and think NASA is for real.

Tom Hanks was also in the documentary From The Earth To The Moon. Once again pushing NASA Apollo moon landings as being real.

Another event I'm suspicious about is the Lincoln Assassination. As in whether it was staged just like the JFK Assassination was. Well Tom Hanks just so happen to narrate a documentary on it called Killing Lincoln (leaving no doubt about whether he got killed or not in the title, LOL). 

When I saw this movie poster, I couldn't help but think they are fucking with us. To me the poses of actor Lincoln and actor Boothe seem to suggest this was in fact theater for the mind.
Tom Hanks was also a producer for a JFK Assassination documentary called The Assassination of President Kennedy back in 2013. Selling the official narrative that Kennedy was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald.

Tom has also been doing culture documentaries on the sixties, seventies, and eighties. I'm sure those are laced with more lies and deception about those decades.

Tom Hanks turned out to be a Hollywood sell-out for the establishment and it looks like he has made tons of money and enjoys his success lying. I think he knows what he's doing. He may be one of the few actors who knows a lot of these Psyops and major historical events are fake/staged/not real, but he wants to be apart of the duping.


  1. Also interesting that Tom is related to Lincoln...Ol' Abe's mother's name was Nancy Hanks...worth a search

  2. Good post. Reblogged here

  3. Wow, it never ends with these bloodlines.

  4. Matt Damon is another clown of the same sort. I saw The Martian recently. People really consider this being science. The book is as bad. I can't watch movies anymore. Only comedies and Jamie Oliver cooking programs. Damon also played in a Tsunami movie, a Mandela movie, a World War 2 movie, a fracking movie, a virus movie,a FBI movie...and so on. They all do and have to do.
    Well the entire western medicine, yes all of it, is a scam business. Chemicals cannot help or speed up the healing process. The idea of injecting some chemical substance into your body to heal you or to prevent you from getting sick is ridiculous to say the least. But that's what people expect doctors to do to them, when they go there. And doctors are eager to do so. In Germany there was a recent lawsuit, where a virus and AIDS denier Stefan Lanka, who is a Phd. biologist himself, promised a reward for bringing him one prove for the isolation, analysis and description of a Measles virus, which is the most popular and most "researched" virus ever. A Dr. David Bardens sued him and in the second trial the jury was forced to agree, all the regular "proves" Dr. Bardem presented did not scientifically proved the virus exists. So there is no scientific prove for any virus and its the basis of the contagion theory and all the molecular biology is based on that. The German jury did not draw that conclusion, instead they explained, Lanka wanted one prove, Bardens presented six proves and therefore his claim for the reward is not valid. Ain't that funny?

  5. Chemotherapy comes to mind and is the biggest con in the cancer treatment swindle. Yet people are constantly falling for going to the doctor to seek treatments using methods like chemicals instead of a natural homeopathic type of cure or going after the source that is causing the "cancer". Western Medicine is designed to shorten your lifespan or keep you chronically sick.

    The way America works is that you appeal to authority like doctors. Doctors are "trained" so well in America from the best schools in the world, but these schools are training doctors to keep people sick by not addressing the cause and only treating the symptoms. You visit a doctor here in the United States and they are ready to write you a prescription for whatever ailment you have. They don't give a crap what is causing the ailment. If you try to discuss what could be the cause of said ailment with the doctors here you get nothing from these people. They suddenly don't know what to do and feel out of place and insecure and just encourage you to take your medicine.

    Causes of illness must be eliminated. You can't just treat the symptoms, but doctors in the West are trained to be idiots and treat the symptoms. The best medical schools here are complete garbage because they don't train doctors to come up with Solutions. The medical schools don't want doctors to be solution oriented.

    Western medicine is indeed a scam.

  6. I pretty much agree with everything you say in this post. You also should do one on the go-to guys in the directing dept. My top 3 includes Oli Stone, James Cameron, and Spielberg.

  7. You're exactly right. Oliver Stone, James Cameron and Steven Spielberg are the go-to directors for directing movies that portray fictionalized events as real and directing movies that push several agendas.


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