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Global Citizens???

United Nations Agenda 21 and One World Government propaganda from America Online.

Just like they use Sustainable Development in place of Agenda 21 AOL calls us Global Citizens.

Professor Doom1

Gods of the New Age

A good documentary exposing the illusions, mystery, and confusion promoted by the new age. 

The new age movement wants people not to think. The documentary shows how religion and belief systems keep you from thinking for yourself and using your brain.

If you go to the 1:30:00 mark, you hear the narrator talk about how the people wait for a charismatic leader who can offer peace and prosperity to a world on the brink of collapse, similar to present times. Benjamin Creme then talks about the coming of a new Christ and the age of Aquarius. He then goes through how all religions expect the return of a messiah.

Dave Hunt later on says that someone will claim to be coming from the spirit of Christ or the messiah to save people. He also says the world is being prepared for an ultimate delusion. 

The second coming of Christ is mentioned so often in our culture that it might be referring to the future when a false messiah or one person or ruler will come to save everyone in the world from all t…

How much of the Holocaust is a Lie?


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