The Opt-Out Clause

There are many people that have faked their deaths in the music and film industry. This is part of the plan before they are launched as a celebrity. The question is how does something like this goes down. Markus Allen of Truth In 7 Minutes found this pdf exposé by Miles Mathis on how the Tate murders were faked. One of the things that is mentioned is how faking your death is part of escaping from the celebrity spotlight and is planned in advance.

It looks to me like those in Hollywood and music have long had an escape clause. When they sign the initial contracts or first discover that the film and music industries are just arms of Intelligence, they are told they can later get out if they want. Many in the industry never develop qualms. They enjoy working with Intelligence and have no desire to quit. But Intelligence will work temporarily even with those who do develop regrets. They don't have to murder anyone who wants out. Most just retire and fade away. But for the most famous, that isn't a viable option. They can't fade away because they simply have too many fans. Intelligence can help with that. A faked death can easily solve that problem. This is what happened to many many stars, more than you think. Not only Elvis and Jim Morrison and John Lennon, but a large percentage of all the other deaths you know of. Very few Hollywood deaths actually occurred, and realizing what happened here may help you unwind any other death you may have questions about.

I'm sure some celebrities want to escape from the spotlight for good because it can be stressful. Another reason could be to cash in on record sales from a fake death like Elvis, Tupac and Michael Jackson did. Faking your death in the music and film business is just part of the normal flow of how things work and it has been going on for a long time.

Also celebrities are under huge surveillance compared to regular people. I agree with Markus Allen about how Big Brother is really there for those in the club like freemasons, jesuits, celebrities, politicians, high ranking officials, etc. You can't go against the grain if millions of people are following you and so you are monitored.