Friday, January 11, 2019

The Epic Paid Controlled Opposition Shill Meltdown From Hoax Busters Call.

I posted this video to highlight how back in January of 2014, Paid Controlled Opposition Shill Robin M. Fisher had a meltdown on the Hoax Busters Call. This is an example of Paid Controlled Opposition Shill Infighting. Shills fighting among each other, in this case paid controlled opposition shill Robin M. Fisher took on Controlled Opposition Shills Chris Kendall and Markus Allen.

Robin M. Fisher is known to shill for God and the Bible just like Frank McManus does. His YouTube Channel which appears to not exist anymore, had countless videos quoting the Bible or Scripture (Script) but also clips of good material like George H.W. Bush's New World Order Speeches from the 1990s. Again Robin Fisher shills for God and to fear God and to follow Christ. He came into the Hoax Busters Call and Fakeologist scene several years ago. Robin had short/frequent audio stint on

Ep11:Robin Fisher / Chris Kendall

Ep19:More Sandy Hook

Ep22:Robin Fisher

Ep23:Clare Kuehn & Robin Fisher

Ep34-9/11 story and Hadfield/ISS fakery

Ep38-Boston Marathon PsyOp


Ep46-Talk about Sofia

Ep47-Flat Earth Discussion

ep58-Clint Richardson

ep74-Robin Fisher

In these audios he would talk about how the Jesuits run the world and make a case for it. What he would fail to do is point out that the Jesuits are a Masonic Order/secret society. This was done on purpose by Robin. He knows the Jesuits are a secret society and they exist to deceive just like the other varieties of Masonic Orders. Still, Robin Fisher would try to make a case that the Jesuits run everything in this world and even had a debate with John Friend about it.

With these paid controlled opposition shills for God and the Bible, they always run into trouble on websites like Hoax Busters and Fakeologist that talk about media fakery, staged terror and shooting events and use very deep critical thinking. What ends up happening like with Robin Fisher is that these shills get frustrated because they don't succeed on these type of websites and therefore they spin out of control and leave. It's happened on Hoax Busters Call and Fakeologist many times. Silverbeam, Jericanman, Redman84, Armunn and countless others I could name who have departed after having been frustrated with not succeeding in shilling for God and the Bible and getting heavily challenged on Hoax Busters and Fakeologist for their "views".

With Robin Fisher on this audio in the above video, he got agitated with Chris Kendall and Markus Allen, because his controlled opposition shill work with God and the Bible failed and he tried to attack them by saying Chris and Markus keep people in a box with just talking about media fakery. I will agree with him on that to a certain extent, but he's just as guilty with his paid controlled opposition shill bullshit for God, the Bible and the Jesuits. This is an example of paid controlled opposition shills going at each other over what each has to shill over and it boils over into a meltdown like what we hear with Robin Fisher who has now pissed off.

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