Sunday, January 6, 2019 Flashback: Herose Gets Denied Trying To Hang Out With Fakeologist

The reason I post this is that it's an example of of Tim the owner of being antisocial towards fellow "Fakeologists". As I've written on here before Tim is a Freemason Controlled Opposition Shill running Fakeologist for other Freemason Controlled Opposition Shills to come in and leave comments, do audios, etc. This is an example of Tim being ashamed of wanting to be around fellow Fakeologists in a physical setting. It's an example of Tim saying he's ashamed of being into conspiracies and hanging out with other shills. It's dirty work and he wants to separate his dirty work from his family. Also remember that Toronto Fakeologists such as Johnny Clues, Aral Sea, Chris746 and Khammad tried to meet up with Tim but Tim avoids making it happen.

Just for the record I have no doubt former Fakeologist member Herose was a Freemson controlled Opposition Shill. If you visited during Herose's brief stay there, he would always post comments and talk about God and the Bible like Frank McManus does on Fakeologist Audios. Herose gets paid to shill for God and the Bible just like Frank does. This guy is not really into the Bible or God, he is just putting on a front. I think the above video demonstrates one of the reasons Herose left, because of Tim's Fakeologist anti-social behavior. The main reason Herose left is why a lot of controlled opposition shills for God and the Bible leave, and that's because they get challenged shilling for God and the Bible on a lot.

Basically it's a challenge to be a God/Holy Bible shill on a site like and most of them don't last because of the backlash they receive. Herose will instead do better on religious websites or conspiratorial websites that cater to God and the Bible. Sometimes though the Franks, Heroses, Silverbeams try to see if they can get in some shill licks for God and the Bible on It usually doesn't work and Tim could care less since it's not part of his shill program.

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