Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Fakeologist.com Fails To Call Out Fakery

Once again we have another example of Tim posting on Fakeologist using his handler directed protocols.

So Calcified Cries, I mean Calcified Lies a Freemason Controlled Opposition Shill posts a video talking about the Spanish Flu as real and blaming it on Vacines. This guy has a history of posting disinformation on his YouTube Channel. Specifically saying that the NFL uses CGI for the Sky, LOL! Whatever one eye avatar Steve Calcified Lies wants to push that shit, I won't be falling for it.

Getting back to the Spanish Flu, there is no way to know how bad the Spanish Flu was just like the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. The Spanish Flu came to be known through the media. How much of it was a media driven event and how much was real? There's no way to know but you do see inflated numbers of deaths like the Holocaust. I mean seriously this was all a real event caused by vaccines? Or was there a lot of fakery going on?

To me the Spanish Flu has to be looked at as another media scare event from 100 years ago. If you know about media fakery, then you know this Spanish Flu should reek of being a staged event. The part about the vaccines I believe is that it helped introduce Vaccines as the norm in society and especially for immigrants coming to the United States through Ellis Island. After this Spanish Flu, then Vaccines became a must. So the Spanish Flu was like the Pearl Harbor/911 Event to introduce mass vacination. That's the dialectic that is typically set up to in order to ram through changes to the mass society. 9/11 producded huge legislation restricting people's air travel, brought in the Police State and among other measures that keep playing out. Pearl Harbor of course was a staged event brought in as reason to have the United States go from isolatist to full commitment to World War 2.

Steve Calcified Lies and Tim Fakeologist didn't do shit with their content on the Spanish Flu and what happened. No discussion of fakery from either of them. Tim tried to say vacinnes don't do anything, which is part of his handler directed protocols he has to follow which is to call stuff fake that is obviously real. Tim's handler tells him to push this dumb fuck mentality of don't fear vaciness because they don't do anything just like he can't talk about chemtrails and theere's nothing to see with them.

No mention from Tim about this Spanish Flu being a staged media fakery event to bring in the normalization of vacinnes. Instead he is promoting some bullshit that the military blew some experiment. This is an example of Tim's inconsistentcy. He can't stick to calling events staged and fake. It has to be what his handler tells him he's allowed to say. Another gatekeeping post from Tim. Nothing new.

Also congratulations Tim for piggy backing off of Calcified Lies disinformation video so you can post your disinformation. See this is what Truck fumes do. They make you retarded so you can't create your own content but have to look to others. In this case Tim was looking to fill his Truth mixed with lies quota and what do you know, Mr. Lies helped Tim indirectly by giving him some disinformation content to post. Good Job Tim!! Hey Tim when you get around to it maybe you can explain why fellow/former Fakeologist Member and Controlled Opposition Shill Steve Calcified Lies has posted so much anti-fakeologist content. He was on your team. What did you do to him?

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