Sunday, December 30, 2018

John le Bon, A Controlled Opposition Shill Gatekeeper For 9/11.

So this is a video by John le Bon which I won't post here but you can check it out on his gate keeping website. This video is another example of John le Bon dumbing people down or trying to get control of their thoughts by being a false leader/teacher when nobody asked him to be and to think he wants people to hand over their money to him.

In this video or should I say audio from really, Agent John le Bon tries to get people not to understand the significance of 9/11 by asking does it still matter. The point of this is to get people into the mindset of how this event didn't cause any deaths so therefore it doesn't matter and thus leaving out the part of the fear that it caused. John doesn't want you to think about how 9/11 was supposed to bring in the terror era. Putting people in a fear based mindset because they think the terrorist boogeyman is going to kill them. 9/11 makes people paranoid about terrorism and causes stress in the mind. No, John le Bon doesn't want you to realize that.

Even though John supports the idea that nobody died or got hurt on 9/11, he doesn't want you to think about how the Psyop is causing lots of damage to people who do think 9/11 was a real event. Oh yeah it doesn't matter.........what about the laws that have been passed worldwide because of 9/11 taking away people's freedoms that they used to have. What about airport security? Ever go through an airport like it was before 9/11 unmolested? You can't because of 9/11.

John le Bon's handlers love him putting out a video like this. It tells the public 9/11 had no deaths and therefore isn't effecting you. Well even if you know 9/11 was a staged Psyop where nobody died or got hurt, now we have a police state, a paranoid society because of the fear of terrorism, heavier security at malls, airports, sporting and music events.

John le Bon is there to stop thinking and get people onto his dumb fuck orchestrated thinking. He wants to mind control you with his drivel and follow him and never question what he does. Look Out, because the guy is a Jesuit Order trained controlled opposition shill.

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