Sunday, December 9, 2018

Why Did Gaia Become Pagan? Is He Controlled Opposition?,,

I recently was asked on Discord why Gaia decided to become a Pagan? It's a good question in this scene. Gaia of course admits his grandfather is a Freemason. That's fine but he won't admit he's a Freemason. He does this on purpose if you ask him. He will volunteer his grandfather as the Mason but deny him or his father were Masons. He will tell you his dad worked with the World Wildlife Fund, a globalist organization that takes money to protect wildlife.

Gaia admits to performing magic so it wouldn't rain on his wedding day in Colombia but won't tell you he's in the craft. Of course this leads straight to Gaia's role as controlled opposition. Through his connections in Freemasonry he is able to become a controlled opposition Geologist. He writes at Piece of Mindful, a website known for promoting crazy ideas like Dallas Goldbug/Ed Chiarini material about celebrities playing politicians.

On top of being a Geologist, Gaia admits to working on creating Wikipedia Pages on Wikipedia. This is another spook job he has where he gets to write for Wikipedia. So whether he's controlled opposition writing for piece of mindful, writing for wikipedia or being a Geologist, this Gaia character has some shady dealings. A Geologist alone is a red flag as they are known for fabricating history of the earth, especially dinosaurs. This guy will not waver on saying dinosaurs are real on top of promoting Evolution as real on out of all places.

I want to know can I get Gaia out of Freemasonry and away from paganism? I don't know if its possible. It seems like Gaia is addicted to magic and being a Freemason. Also it's providing his pay for most of these gigs he's got going on here on the internet. Geology is his biggest problem as he is part of being a wizard playing tricks on the public about dinosaurs existing which is fucked up.

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