Monday, January 15, 2018

More Horseshit From This Khammad Character

More horseshit from character khammad on Cluesforum. This person already shills for Fruitarian eating with her heavy promotion of Dr. Morse on Clues Forum and other websites. Now she is at it again with more bullshit on Clues Forum.

Here she is challenging the term sheeple being used and how it's derogatory towards those who aren't awake. Yeah it is but so is the phrase Hoi Polloi who is also the person Khammad teams up with on Clues Chronicle audios. What gives? She won't call out Hoi Polloi for his own name, I guarantee it.

This is a complete joke. Khammad is trying to tell people how to think and also tell people not to use the term sheeple for those who can't see through the bullshit. Why would you feel bad for those who don't get it and are in the dark. You try talking to any of these sheeple about media fakery or staged media events and they think your crazy, so why worry about terminology that is derogatory towards these people? This is another instance of Khammad purposely trying to control and complicate people's thinking.

Also in this post she proceeds to say Pearl Harbor is a real event, LOL! Are you shitting me? Why wouldn't she challenge the official story and think maybe it was all theater considering the only footage of Pearl Harbor is some military news reel that can be faked just like the nuclear bomb footage was faked. Khammad then implies and asserts maybe these staged events such as Pearl Harbor or staged terror/shootings might have real causalities. How is she on Clues Forum spewing this nonsense? The whole forum is way past whether media fakery has casualites or not.

I don't trust this character Khammad and I think she is around to control people's thinking and shill for the fruitarian diet.

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