Sunday, December 31, 2017

Why Does Fakeologist Keep Ro11o And Typo Error Around At

I've listened to enough audio chats where it's drunk Typo Error and drunk Ro11o (spells his name with 11 to indicate he's a freemason just like Tim). I've also seen Typo Error use double numbers in his name indicating he's a mason. Aside from Tim keeping these drunks around because they are fellow masons, the main purpose is to drive away most people who come to the site. It follows the formula of truth mixed with lies where the truth lures you into the website or to watch a video and the lies either makes you look stupid or tricks you or drives you away from conspiracies and truth.

I see Tim continue to allow Ro11o and Typo Error on audios despite protests from even john le bon and Tim has said people complain to him via email. Complain all you want but these guys are part of the operation and there to stay. To think otherwise is laughable. Tim has to keep these guys around.

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