Sunday, December 31, 2017

How Come I Feel Like Is Straight Up Gatekeeping? Part 2: The Hoax Hierarchy

Part 1

John le Bon has a great website if you want to limit your critical thinking. Check out his Hoax Hierarchy. Is this a joke?

The Hoax Hierarchy is meant to be pure confussion and make people complicate media fakery and staged events in the news. What a joke this is. Why would anyone get into creating a pyramid to categorize media fakery. I think John created this as a joke on his followers.

The pyramid is known as an occult symbol and here John is using it to group hoaxes. What does this do for anyone? A staged hoax terror event is a hoax. We don't need to group it into some category to make it complicated or also how John wants you to treat hoaxes as minor, big, small, medium.

This guy is getting people to be concerned about not breaking down these hoaxes or staged media events but instead to focus attention and thinking on where it belongs on some lame pyramid he came up with. Then he has the nerve to charge me or anyone money to find out what hoaxes belong on this pyramid. I mean come on. He is clearly taking advantage of people to charge money for this dumb hoax pyramid.

Is this part of his financial gatekeeping he does where he reveals what events are fake but only behind a paywall? What a bunch of shit. I can go to and see serious research on staged events whether the Holocaust, staged terror events or NASA fakery, but John le bon wants to charge money for you to see what he deems a Grandaddy hoax. This is a disservice to awakened individuals seeking truth. Just unbelievable.

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