Thursday, December 28, 2017

How Come I Feel Like Is Straight Up Gatekeeping? Part 1

Every time I go on it feels like a limited hang out. It's either dinosaurs are a hoax or I'm going to fuck with you about the shape of the earth and waste your time. If John wants to present his site like this, he can and people will fall for it.

This guy was launched with the Ball Earth Skeptic Round Table back in 2015, a series of talks wondering about the shape of the earth and somehow never asking themselves WHY IT MATTERS WHAT THE SHAPE OF THE EARTH IS, LOL!

I mean why isn't this guy talking about all the staged events, fakery and criticizing culture creation? How about exposing man-made religion? I feel like I'm trapped and not able to freely think on a Does john le bon talk about 9/11 being faked? It's hard to know if he has hid that somewhere on his website. I know I can find the shape of the earth talk and I can get out a clock and see how much time I will be wasting on the shape of the earth, while not realizing it doesn't matter.

Also what the fuck it up with this banner. Does John want people to consume culture and movies?

Seriously this dude isn't fooling me. Also John's JLB logo resembles a Jesuit symbol with the sun. He claims a fan made this logo for him, LOL!

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