Saturday, December 16, 2017

Fakeologist Member Unreal

I noticed Fakeologist member Unreal used the black/white occult ying/yang avatar. No surprise to me that Unreal has occultist ties. The guy has literally destroyed Fakeologist with his EGI thread with Ab/Tim/Fakeologist's blessing. Very few people have called this EGI shill out. Tom Dalpra and AA Morris come to mind, but that is it. I don't think Mr. Unreal Andreas is a secret intelligence operative. I think he's in a secret society and his secret society is willing to pay Mr. Unreal to spread truth mixed with lies. So what you see is Unreal tell you some truth with transgender celebs and then mix it with over the top photo analysis of who is transgender in Hollywood or the elites. It's laughable and I know some real people at Fakeologist are afraid to call him out. If I want to laugh my ass off, I will check out the EGI crap on Fakeologist but I know Ab Irato Tim is allowing the thread on Fakeologist because Ab is shilling for EGI on top of flat earth. To be fair it's still worth visiting Fakeo for the truth Tim posts.

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