Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blowing Dr. Robert Morse


Wow I can't believe the shilling Khammad is doing for this Dr. Morse character on Cluesforum. This is laughable that she doesn't question this guy or if maybe he is promoted. Court documents, studies and court cases can be faked. This guy has helped hundreds of thousands? What a complete joke and a shill job.

I never understood this weirdo comment she left on


On a side not Khammad's partner on TalkShoe Roch3llo, has apparently been spelling here name with a 3 instead of an e. This is a Freemasonic reference and I'm not surprised if Roch3llo is a secret society member considering her father as she stated on Fakeologist Radio is military intelligence which is heavily masonic.

Oh yeah and why is Khammad a Muslim as she claims. As a critical thinker/skeptic, she doesn't question man-made religion. I mean come on what a joke. All these man-made religions and she thinks Islam is right? No way she believes that but yet she claims she is Muslim and investigator of media fakery. Yeah no fakery in man-made religion or maybe it's one of the most go-to cons in human history.

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